Poetry Friday: Going to Walden by Mary Oliver

Poetry Friday is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect


I think that Poetry Friday is the perfect time to launch a brand new blog for the brand new phase of my life: post retirement from teaching in a classroom, and on the cusp of venturing into the life of raising sheep and fiber farming.  I look forward to this Friday gathering so much – here, we celebrate the gifts of both poetry and the friendships that a communal love of poetry nourishes.  So, it’s only fitting to use Poetry Friday as a launching spot.

I’ve shared this Mary Oliver poem before on A Teaching Life, but, since the name of this new blog originates from the message of  this particular poem, I’ll share it again.   I’ll be thinking of it, especially those last two lines, on Tuesday, when I arrive to live at the farm and begin a new life.

Going to Walden by Mary Oliver

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.34.22 AM.png


20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Going to Walden by Mary Oliver

  1. The perfect poem for the launch of a new life and a new blog! Looking forward to following along on this new journey of yours!


  2. I’m looking forward to following along on your new journey! I love the line “How dull we grow from hurrying here and there!” Congratulations and good luck!


  3. It’s a warm feeling, that thought of “finding it where you are”, no matter the earlier journey, it’s right now that will bring the smiles. Best wishes, Tara. And thanks for reminding us of these beautiful words.


  4. I’m so happy we’ll be able to follow along as you embark on your new adventures. This Mary Oliver is one of my favorites. “Finding it where you are” is the “trick of living,” isn’t it?


  5. A perfect poem.
    “…the slow and difficult
    “Trick of living, and finding it where you are.
    Continue on! Looking forward to your journey here.


  6. All the best, Tara! I look forward to hearing more, and of course, reveling in your photos! I hadn’t seen “Going to Walden” before. Echoes of Robert Frost run throughout it. Thanks for the introduction.

    Thoreau’s 201st. birthday is on Thursday. We should all do a tribute to him next Friday, I think.


  7. “It is the slow and difficult Trick of living and finding it where you are.” So much truth in this poem. Congratulations, Tara! I look forward to journeying with you through this new blog.


  8. I wondered what you would do with your blog, and it seems like you have found the perfect solution. This seems like such peaceful place to read and write and learn and grow. Like several others, I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you…


  9. From teaching to fiber farming and sheep raising-what a creative route to follow in your post-retirement days, Tara. Finding a new direction is exciting. From hurrying here and there to slow and difficult-another excellent route to take. I am trying to learn that skill from my yoga teachers. Congratulations on your new blog, Tara, and thanks for following my blog.


  10. I love the theme of your blog and the fabulous photo of the tree from the barn. It is viewed as it is, in black and white and in shadow.


  11. Congratulations and good luck on you new ventures! I hadn’t seen this one by Mary Oliver, and I love it (as I do every poem of hers I’ve read) Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to hearing about the sheep!


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