Poetry Friday: Walls of Rain

Poetry Friday is hosted by Catherine at Reading to the Core


It’s been a week of trying to establish new routines for the new phase of life ahead.  Summers were always about planning for September and a new batch of sixth graders: new ideas to try out, new books to introduce, and new ways to jiggle the curriculum so that it remains fresh to me.  Now that the farm has become my full time home, that routine shifts. To what? Well, that’s what I’m working on: preparing for sheep next Spring, bringing the garden back to life, and writing.

This week, I was invited to join a writing group.  The invitation was so unexpected that I was caught off guard, so much so that I found myself agreeing to arrive prepared to share a piece of writing: a poem, perhaps, or even two.  What was I thinking??!!

Of course, I am used to sharing my writing every time I blog, and I have been blogging about my teaching life for many years now.  But, this new, non-teaching phase of life calls for me to share the type of my writing I am loathe to share – my creative writing.  How marvelous, though, to be welcomed into a new community in this particular way! Which is why I steeled myself to join in the first place, and to share the first draft of a poem:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.09.06 AM.png


11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Walls of Rain

  1. Marvelous to have a new group to share with and to inspire, along with that beautiful valley you have the pleasure of each and every day. I love “lashing barn windows clean”, really love that you have a barn! It is a new routine and one I’ve struggled with as well. It will come, and those sheep will help create it, I bet. Happy days!


  2. The rain has battered us from all sides this week, hasn’t it? Your poem is beautiful, Tara. I especially love “thrum upon deep indigo/slate roofs” and can hear the rain “greening the grass.” Thank you for sharing this with us!


  3. You were brave to join the writing group! Not only are you preparing the farm to grow, but also your writing!


  4. Can I admit that I’m still a little startled when I click on your name and get GOING TO WALDEN. It sounds like you are settling in beautifully to your new life. How great that you have already found a writing group. Like several others, I’m drawn to “thrum upon deep indigo /slate roofs” and “greening the grass.” Perfect sensory images!!!


  5. Such a bittersweet exciting time, Tara. So many wonderful opportunities await you – like writers group. Such fun.
    We have sheds, not barns – but I know your poem, and the glorious refreshing pounding rain.


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