Celebrate this week: Rain and reading


A rainy week here in the North Country.  And, a week of waiting for this or that repair person to show up, each of whom was late (i.e. hours late).  I managed to get one flower bed dug up, composted, and planted…but that was it for outdoor endeavors.

The silver lining to all the rain was the time it allowed for reading.  The pleasure of the reading habit, the fact of which I tried to preach each and every day of my teaching life, is that it allows one to never be bored, and to feel forever enriched.

The week ahead promises to be sunny (and very hot, but I’m ignoring that, for the moment).  But, I feel lucky that Olive Kitteridge, Donald Hall, Jane Kenyon, various other characters, and odd bits of sheep knowledge will be keeping me company…thanks to a week of rain and waiting.


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