Poetry Friday: Summer poetry swap!

Poetry Friday is hosted by Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone 

Summer poetry swap goodness arrived in my mailbox yesterday thanks to Donna Smith.  Somehow, Donna guessed that the first summer of my retirement would entail reading…lots of reading!  So much reading that I am juggling several books at once at a rate far greater than before.  To that end, she designed the most lovely bookmarks – poetry and photography married in the perfect way:


And this wise and witty reminder about how to be a smart reader:


Thank you, Donna!!!

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer poetry swap!

  1. The book marks are aDORable! You’re right. A perfect pairing of photography and poetry…and some fun. Donna did good! I love each one. Best of luck keeping up with the reading. It’s a wonderful problem to have. I love the photograph you’ve used for your banner. That is a stunning view.


  2. Tara, it is a wonderful “thing” to have time luxuriating in the company of books. Donna’s swap was not only clever, but visually appealing, and quite beneficial. The bunny bookmark is adorable. Enjoy your reading.


  3. It is this part of August that always had me thinking about school starting. When I retired I realized that MY summer was going to last longer from now on! Keep reading and enjoying your extended season!


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