Slice of Life Tuesday: Figuring out the space


In my past life as a teacher, figuring out the classroom space was the most important first step into settling into what would become my professional home for many long and happy years: Room 202 in my middle school.  I remember walking into that room for the first time and taking in the bare and bereft looking space with consternation: how to make this a practical and inviting space in which all the learning I was envisioning to take place? But, my kids helped me find my way, and by the end of that first year our room became the place we all loved – the place my students wanted to return to long after they’d left sixth grade behind.


In my new life as a shepherd (to be, because sheep won’t be arriving here until next summer), I am again trying to figure out my space.  Our farm has not housed sheep for many years, and although the barns and fences and gates are in place already, they have sat unused for a long time.  Our lovely rolling pastures, perfect for sheep, are now wild with weeds and thistle.  The big barn, a beautiful and imposing structure, is an utterly intimidating place.

I am back to square one.


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Figuring out the space

  1. Tara, I admire your zest for your new adventure. It takes fortitude to embark on such a different route in life but being a shepherd is not so removed from your previous role of shepherding your students on their journey. I look forward to watching your dream become a reality.


  2. I can’t wait to see the new space you create as you embark on this adventure. I admire your courage in stepping onto a new path and look forward to reading more!


  3. What a lovely way to spend August! This is what I hope to be doing when I am in retirement as well. (Goats and chickens…) Blessings on your new adventure. May the barns cooperate and provide the space needed.


  4. Tara, I love following along with your new life on the farm via your beautiful Instagram photos. It is truly a magical and sacred place. I can’t wait to see how you transform it, just like you did your classroom.


  5. The nice thing about having a fairly blank space is that we can transform it into whatever we want it to be. Good luck with creating your space, Tara. I know it will be perfect when you are finished.


  6. Everybody else has commented about what a lovely journey you are having. My thought after reading your post was, “Wow! It should be easier to herd sheep than 6th graders!” 🙂 But, truly, best of luck to you and your new adventure. I always love setting up a classroom in blank space. How does one tackle setting up a barn?? What do you decisions do you make first? (I love that it is that burnt reddish-orange color!)


  7. Looking forward to following your journey. Just like your classroom, you’ll find a way to make this space yours and a place that both you and the sheep will love. I also enjoy the pics from the farm, beautiful vistas that fill me with appreciation for our world.


  8. My first reaction when you mentioned sheep, was a surprise. Then looking at the photos it makes so much sense. Your mind gets some creative activity and the body plenty to do.


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