Celebrate: A new kind of September

the georgi.jpg
The Georgi on the Battenkill, Shushan, New York 

This has been an odd start to my September.  For the last decade or so, the beginning of September was all about the new school year at hand: committing new student names to memory, tweaking the first day of school plans, making minor adjustments to our classroom space, and buying up the hard-to-resist new books and supplies.  The focus of Septembers past was Room 202 and the life that would happen there in the year to come.

This September, there is no one, particular focus.  I am thinking and planning for many things:

*organizing much needed repairs and improvements to our old farmhouse

*continuing to research the work of shepherding and care taking sheep, and preparing the barn and pastures for the arrival of sheep next summer

*organizing trips to visit my aging parents, in their nineties now, and far away in London.  It is tricky to care for people who are fiercely independent and yet clearly in need of assistance – and yet, there I am, and this was the intention behind leaving the classroom and the wrought-in-stone school calendar in the first place

*an upstate New York winter, in a place that is, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere.

*writing: about teaching, about this new life, and the stories of my life and of my invention.

It’s a different kind of focus to celebrate…but celebrate I do.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate: A new kind of September

  1. I watch you take on this new life with a combination of interest, joy and a tiny bit of envy. I miss your voice from
    the classroom, but love learning alongside you as you venture to new territory. You have been and continue to be a mentor.

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  2. It’s going to be a wonderful adventure, though, like my first year out, I missed the students a lot, yet loved choosing another path as you are, Tara. Best of wishes always!


  3. I love your new celebrations! You’re in charge of your timeline, your choices and most of all your passions. I know you will miss teaching, but I believe you will continue to be teaching and you’re the learner on a wide variety of topics. Continue to share my friend.

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