After the storm…


“Are you ready for the storm?” the nice lady at Hannafords asked me as she checked me through.  I had heard versions of this question being asked as I waited in line, and as the line was long I heard many versions of the same answer, which was also mine: “Ready or not, here it comes!”

The farm sits on a hill at one end of a valley, so we can usually see weather heading our way long before it actually arrives at our door.  Saturday’s snowstorm looked like a slow moving mist for quite some time as we waited inside listening to Vermont Public Radio’s ever-increasing prediction for how much snow fall  to expect.  Within an hour of its first sighting, snow arrived to stay for the night and long into the next day, making the farmhouse feel like the swirling center of a real- life snow globe for hours upon hours.

It was dark and late into the night by the time both snow and wind had passed over us and the sky was clear again.  A blood moon had been promised, and so we ventured out onto the front yard where the snow was too deep for our Sophie to maneuver her retriever self through.  The air was absolutely still, and though there were many clouds floating past, we could see the moon – not a blood moon, but a beautiful moon never the less.  We sat on the porch steps and took it all in, satisfied to have made it through winter’s first storm, and glad to be in this place.


2 thoughts on “After the storm…

  1. Beautiful pictures, but the words brought the images into my room, my world. I shivered, reached for the comforter to warm me, but then felt peace when the storm was over. I reveled in the silent world created by the deep snow. What a magician you are with words!

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  2. I as imagined listening to Vermont Public Radio’s forecast, watching the storm approach, I felt the need to hold my breath. And then as you stepped on to the porch, with the moon overhead, I exhaled. Magical!

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