Poetry Friday: Still Water by Patricia Fargnoli

Poetry Friday  is hosted by  A Year of Reading

bedlam farm geranium
Still Water by Patricia Fargnoli
Here at the farm, there is an abundance of  “cathedral quiet”.  The skirmishes of the world seem very far away, absorbed as I am with ministering to the four legged occupants of the farmhouse and barn.  I am no longer on Twitter or Facebook, and I am ashamed to say this since I have always believed that staying current with the events of the world is a civic duty, but I no longer listen to or watch the news.
I hear the “palaver of leaves” and watch for the corn in the valley to grow.  I sit with sheep and try to learn their sheepy ways.  I chase around an irrepressible puppy and aim to master the commands that will make her the dog she is meant to be.
Disengaging from the world does not mean one can ever leave behind “old bodies of grief” (they have an insistent palaver of their own, after all).  But even those are more bearable here in this space of beauty and peace.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Still Water by Patricia Fargnoli

  1. I’m ready to sign up for a writing retreat…what are your rates?
    The farm sounds wonderful and healthy and moving headlong into summer. The poem is so relevant to today. And, if feels sort of religious in its way…a kind of “dust to dust” message. I love the line: “the diplomacy of light
    as it flares off the water,” So beautiful. Say hello to the sheep. Enjoy today.

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  2. love the humming bird–Sometimes I like shutting the din of the world out too…Nature is a wonderful refuge for this, she keeps me balanced.


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