Book Quote Tuesday: Braiding Sweetgrass

From Myra: “It is that time of the week again where we share a book quote that seemed particularly striking for us.”

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Braiding Sweetgrass is one of those books that is going to take me a long time to read.  It is so lyrically written, so full of rich imagery and thoughtful ideas, that I find myself deliberately slowing down my reading pace and re-reading passage after passage.  Here’s one from the chapter entitled The Council of Pecans:

If one tree fruits, they all fruit – there are no soloists.  Not one tree in a grove, but the whole grove; not one grove in the forest, but every grove; all across the county and all across the state.  The trees act not as individuals, but somehow as a collective.  Exactly how they do this, we don’t yet know.  But what we see is the power of unity. What happens to one happens to us all.  We can starve together or feast together.  All flourishing is mutual.

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