Finally, it stops raining…

We’ve had two days of non-stop, heavy rain.  It was a muddy slog to get to the barn, around the barn, and through the pasture to the pole barn.  The sheep were so done with it all that they could not be coerced out of the warm coziness of their stall yesterday morning, not even for the temptation of grain.  It took Bowie’s madcap barking antics to scare them out snd up the hill, finally.  But they let me know that they were not happy, not one bit.

It was cold this morning, and every last little patch of snow had been melted away.  The flock were thrilled.  After their breakfast of hay, they happily trotted to the very top of the hill, and took up their morning positions, surveying the view of the valley and their pasture.  This afternoon, they made their way to a rocky knoll at one corner of the upper pasture, their afternoon positions.   They sit on the rocks warmed by the morning sun, and do what sheep  do – ruminate.

We had sunshine all day, and even Lewis left his mousing duties in the barn to bask in it.  All is well when there is sunshine, we really do need it in winter.

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