Where, oh where, is Hattie????


There was  quite a bit of coop drama yesterday.  Roscoe found his way into the barn and was happily tucked into the hay rack before I discovered him.  Of course, I was accompanied by my trio of barn helpers – Bowie, Sophie, and Lewis – so this discovery came with a considerable amount of barking and meowing, which scared Roscoe into the high rafters.  It took a hour of cajoling to get him safely into a dog crate and then back into the coop.  Roscoe was uncharacteristically silent for the rest of the day.

Somehow, in my effort to make sure he was indeed okay, I forgot to count the chickens before I shut the coop up for the night.  Hattie, one of my lovely Wyandottes, must have been out and about, for she was left out for the night.  I’ve been looking everywhere for her since the sun rose this morning, and I opened the coop door for the morning’s ration of  chicken scratch and mealworms.

It could be my imagination, but the remaining flock have an accusing glint in their eyes when they look my way.  Meanwhile, I continue to search … 😦




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