Poetry Friday: Happiness by Jane Kenyon

Today’s Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by Kat Apel 


Today begins like every other day: up and first light, let the dog out, let the cat in, coffee, feed said cat and dog, head out to the barn to tend to its assorted inhabitants.  Except that it’s my birthday, and a significant one at that.

So, I pause longer to relish that first light, with all its subtle color changes.  I give a bit of extra love to the dog and cat; add a dash more cream to my coffee…and pause to read, again, a favorite poem by a favorite poet:


12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Happiness by Jane Kenyon

  1. Yep, happiness can come at any time, so sending you some happiness for your birthday, Tara. Wishing you a day full of pleasures, from the snow and the sheep and Bowie, family, also, your hills and special views! xoxo


  2. Oh, I do love that prodigal depiction of happiness. So unexpected. (And sad, too, in the sense that it has been gone so long…) Hoping your birthday sees an excess of happiness!


  3. Happy birthday! Here’s wishing your year is significant! And thanks for sharing this Kenyon poem… I am a fan. Totally…


  4. Happiness exists in the first light, the snow piling around beloved sheep, and a milestone celebration. Thank you, Tara, for sharing all this peace with us. “There is just no accounting for happiness.” May it fill your day with joy! Happy Birthday.


  5. Happy birthday! I’m glad you took time to savor the colors of morning and the cat and dog and to share Kenyon’s poem.


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