The family call


We talked to the kids last night, all three of them patched into one conference call to the farm.  Each of them were in their separate Brooklyn apartments, cooking dinner or doing laundry or stretched out on a sofa, but or the next hour it felt as though they were by the  wood stove with us.

The original plan had been for them to self isolate for fifteen days and then drive up to the farm for the next few weeks.  They are at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and it gave us some comfort to think that they could ride out this epidemic in a pace just a bit more safe because we are, literally, in the middle of nowhere.

But the kids have chosen to stay on where they are, mostly because they are afraid of bringing the virus to us. “I wish I could be with my parents when the world is falling apart,” said Olivia, “but I’m just doing what I can to protect myself and my parents.”  We are grateful for their concern and admire their determined resiliency, still…we wish they were here.

The family call will have to do for now, a new tradition to bring our family some comfort and companionship no matter how far away from each other we are.

4 thoughts on “The family call

  1. I’m sorry, but thank goodness for phone calls! This is why we’ve decided I can’t visit Sarah & family & they can’t visit me. Sarah brought groceries the other day, but we sat apart outside. I loved the visit, but it was sad not to give our usual hug. Glad that all of you are okay & keeping safe no matter where.


  2. These calls become precious links to your kids. I understand the reasoning, but it is so hard. Here’s to at the end a big celebration at the farm when this is over.


  3. Yes… although we are geographically close here, we are back to no in person contact. Grocery delivery is the one exception and that is done by drop off/complete wipe down! It’s challenging… and necessary!

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