Poetry Friday: It’s May by Barbara Crooker

Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Elizabeth Steinglass 


April was a month for waiting…waiting for more two or more days of successive sunshine, waiting for news of a visit from my children, waiting for the vet and the sheep shearer, waiting for new medication to kick in, waiting for the rain to cease, waiting for the lilacs to bloom.  Waiting, in short, for today – the first of May.

Often, in April, I read the poem below; on dreary days punctuated by rain, fog, and copious amounts of mud, this poem gave me particular comfort.  Of course, the last lines of the first stanza have added meaning these Covid days, but I’ve preferred to dwell in all the other lines that speak of nature’s gifts and call upon us to cherish them.


8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: It’s May by Barbara Crooker

  1. Lovely and sad, poses questions I ask myself often. I especially love the peonies and their fists.


  2. What a lovely, lovely poem. Your lilacs are beautiful. Mine are out too. I think that makes us lilac sisters. Near where I’m from there is a Lilac Festival each year. They are special to me even so far away now. Hand me a daylily, I’ll go march to subsidize wind and sun!


  3. Ha! a poignancy with Crooker’s humor, love her always! I am still waiting, but the iris & the peonies and the bleeding hearts are up, blooms on their way. That line about the virus is chilling, seems to be sneaked on. Of course, she didn’t know. Thanks, Tara, happy for you about those lilacs!


  4. She turns so suddenly from the garden to the picketing…but that’s what needs to be done, really. We need to nurture and appreciate our small Edens, but never forget the big picture of our ailing planet.


  5. What a beautiful poem, Tara. Peonies unclench their fist-what a great image. My peonie bush is standing tall so I am waiting for them to bloom. When you talked about the mud, I could imagine the mess at your beautiful farm. Stay safe and enjoy May blooms.


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