For everything there is a season…

For a few days last week, temperatures soared into the high fifties. Great slabs of ice and banks of snow melted away, and the outlines of my flower beds emerged at last. I was tempted to begin the work of clearing out winter’s debris, perhaps even organize and prepare seed trays, but I knew that the lovely weather was not here to stay. Indeed, we had snow squalls all of Saturday morning – so much for an early spring.

Instead, I opened up boxes and envelopes that had been accumulating on my desk: the hopes and dreams of planting season. Their warm and vivid colors were a delightful antidote to the dull greys and browns of the landscape I could see through my windows. Sorting through them, I began thinking of drawing maps and time tables for their planting. Closing my eyes, I could imagine looking out upon them some July morning while walking barefoot through grass still heavy with cool morning dew.

3 thoughts on “For everything there is a season…

  1. Winter has a hard time letting go, doesn’t it? And spring is capricious, teasing with sunny days, only to slap us in the face with blustery air the next day.


  2. I don’t plant a vegetable garden anymore, but I remember those dreams, & like our snowstorm these last two days, I also learned that March was not ever going to be a good time. Dreaming with colors is good, however! Best wishes for an early spring!

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