Hints of Fall…

Yesterday was buggy and muggy in the extreme; the flock was miserable and there was little I could do make those nasty swarms of gnats and flies stay away. Then, it rained in torrents.

This morning, it feels clear and brisk. I walked the sheep up to the ridge line, where the pasture is fresh for the grazing. As they wandered off to make the most it, I scanned the valley beyond; any day now, the cornfield that stretches below will be cut down. All that green will give way to rows of gold, then grey and brown. Snowfall will blanket these fields for a long while, as well as these pastures, where my sheep so contentedly feast at the moment.

My thoughts swing back to the present – the cusp of Fall. Be present in the moment, I think to myself…and I am.

2 thoughts on “Hints of Fall…

  1. Tara… Each time I read your words, see the pictures, all I want to do is “be there” in the peace and beauty! And then there are the words you share from Mary Oliver. Just… thank you!

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